Professional Tantra Teacher training

with renown Diane Riley

Professional Tantra Teacher training in contemporary skills of tantra and practices to assist couples and singles.

  • Add tantra skills to your current modality
  • Or teach independently
  • Working with women, men or couples or groups
  •  Enriching relationship

You will learn and embody many skills and practices
to guide singles and couples into the expansion of sacred sexuality

  • Deepening intimacy
  • Sacred Connection
  • Passionate release
  • Authentic and respectful communication 
  • For men making love longer
  • Intentional pleasure
  • Mindfulness practices that can transform your lovemaking into a sacred experience.
  •  Align differences in sexual desire.
  • Extended bliss massage for him and for her.
  • Tantric devotion practice to create harmony and desire
  • Better understanding each partner’s needs in sex, love, and relationship.
  • Women will enhance their inner goddess of love, sensuality, grace and power.
  • Taoist secrets of the sets of nine from the Tao of Sexology.
  • AND So much more….

The training comprised of lectures supported by a power point presentation; a 90 page supporting workbook; small group discussion, embodied practices, activities, and case studies. The workbook gave examples of questionnaires, feedback forms, and take-home worksheets to use with your own clients.

The training covered clear, teachable skills to enhance the intimate lives of both singles and couples. Topics covered included: many modules cover practices to harmonise body, heart, mind and soul, skills to facilitate heart felt authentic communication, information on how to love consciously (rather than reactively), mindful body awareness meditations, skills in cultivating intentional pleasure and practices to create sustainable relationships through communication and intimacy.


Register your interest/ Enrolments open

Dates 2024 Sept 19-22 nd 

* This is a 4 day intensive, pre request reading and homework is required and 3 month support is available post the training.

First a phone interview to confirm this training is aligned with you
Training fee
1st Early bird $2500 (8 places)
2nd Early bird $2700 (8 places)
Couples discounts and repeat prices available
(non residential)
Secure your position with $500 deposit

*Everything you need to be a confident teacher using the processes with your own clients asap is all within the one training.

Location Byron Bay, NSW. Australia

* this is a non residential training.