Learn Tantra practices for couples  and singles to benefit all levels

Integrating all aspects of yourself in your loving and relationships

 Body, Heart, Mind & Soul


Loveworks Tantra coaching programs guide you to transform loving relationships

Whether you want to bring more pleasure to a partner, or a heightened sense of love and spirituality to your life or relationship, Diane and Kerry’s teachings of contemporary Tantra are accessible to everyone and profound combining sexuality, spirituality and the path of partnership.

Diane and Kerry share tantric wisdoms and practical knowledge so valuable to modern relationships through the LoveWorks Tantra program. They have been committed to conscious relationship; researching, studying, practicing and teaching tantra longer than any other tantra teachers in Australia, since 1987. 1000’s of individuals and couples have benefited from their skills and practices which are easy to do. Many of Australia’s tantra coaches started with the Australian School of Tantra. Their wealth of experience affords them insight and understanding of the dynamics of sensuality and relationship. Diane’s Loveworks Tantra Program is her offering to individual and couples alike, to live a life with presence, passion and pleasure!

A coaching program developed by Diane & Kerry Riley

Founders of the Australian School of Tantra and Tantra Education Australia

Authors of seminal books on the sensual secrets for men & women.

Your LoveWorks Coaching will cover:

  • Deepening intimacy
  • Sacred Connection
  • Passionate release
  • For men making love longer
  • Intentional pleasure
  • Mindfulness practices that can transform your lovemaking into a sacred experience.
  •  Align differences in sexual desire.
  • Extended bliss massage for him and for her.
  • Tantric devotion practice to create harmony and desire
  • Better understanding of you and your partner’s needs in sex, love, and relationship.
  • Women will enhance their inner goddess of love, sensuality, grace and power.
  • Taoist secrets of the sets of nine from the Tao of Sexology.
  • AND So much more….

Professional Tantra Teacher Training

With the Australian School of Tantra

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September 2024, 19-22nd