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Australian School of Tantra

Australian School of Tantra offers

Loveworks Tantra Teacher Training!

Tantra Teacher Training for

Coaches and Well Being Practitioners, personal and professional

LoveWorks!  coaching offers skills for expanding, deepening & harmonising

body, heart, mind and soul.  For people of all gender identities

Diane Riley - tantra teacher

Professional Tantra Teacher Training

By integrating Tantra into your current business or building a new one with Tantra as its foundation, you can make one of the most impactful moves both personally and professionally. Add tantra skills to your current modality!

  • Working with women, men or couples, Womens or men’s groups
  • Assisting in enriching relationships
  • Personally invaluable.

Join us in Byron Bay – September 2024, 19-22nd 

Tantric Coaching Couples

LoveWorks Tantra is for you: Whether you are single or a couple exploring tantric love and intimacy and you want to experience more pleasure for yourself and your partner, the LoveWorks Tantric Program is for you.

Tailored sessions are a contemporary integration of Tantra, Sacred Sensuality, Neuro Science and modern relationship skills and practices  bringing more passion, pleasure, love and insight!

If you have been together for 2 weeks or a life time – Tantra for couples brings skills and practices expanding ecstasy!

Tantric Coaching for individuals: curious about the benefits of sacred connection and pleasure.

Start your Tantric journey now with us and get in contact to book a session with your Love Works coach today, fully trained and accredited with the Australian School of Tantra.

Tantric Coaching Men and Women

Want authentic new ways of relating that allow more love, connection and pleasure to take into your next relationship or to integrate right now with your beloved?

Tantric love can offer new perspectives and skills and dependence insight into loving and physical and emotional intimacy.

Hundreds of people have completed the LoveWorks Program.

Coaching sessions for women to awaken you to  you deep feminine energy, skills to access an array of blissful sensations and open authenticity.

Coaching tantra sessions for men, to learn the Arts of Love, including improving PE and lasting longer control skills

Professional Tantra Teacher Training

With the Australian School of Tantra

Join us in Byron Bay
September 2024, 19-22nd


Shell and I have been living together for one and a half years, we get along so well. She is out going and very sensual. I wanted to learn more skills and be a bit more emotionally open with her. The tantric skills explained and guided us through really heightened the passion I felt, I was blown away! It was a wonderful experience with a lot of take home skills for us.

Richard, 35


 As a single guy I’ve been curious to integrate the knowledge of up to date info about the physical side of adult relationships. And I wish I have done these sessions so much earlier. They have opened me up to new levels of understanding, control and enjoyment everyone should learn .

Maurice, 42


I had heard about tantra focusing on passion and more intimacy. And this is certainly what we got. I was in tears of emotion… good emotion. Richard opened up, I felt so connected and a real transference of energy and connectivity with him. Absolutely amazing, Thank you!!!

Shell, 32


 We live such busy lives, we had fallen out of sync with each other and didn’t know how to get back.  The coaching sessions gave us many ways to build that sensual bridge and it really worked.  This stuff should be taught everywhere! Absolutely transforming, Thank you!!!

Alicia 42


 I loved the ‘authentic communication skills’ we were given a structure in which it was very safe in asking for more of what I love and in which I felt totally validated and heard.

Lucas, 39


  The tantric skills explained and guided us through really heightened the passion I felt, I was blown away! It was a wonderful experience with a lot of take home skills for us.

Daniel, 32