Will we need to be naked, or in lovemaking positions in the session?

No, the sessions are conducted fully clothed. The tantra practitioner may put you and your partner into various lovemaking positions in the sessions to demonstrate some of the key practices for you to practise at home.

I am worried that attending a private couples coaching session will be more confronting than a couples workshop, is this true?

No, The sessions are conducted in a casual professional setting, our practitioners are sensitive to the needs of both partners. The sessions are non-confrontational, clothed and tailored to your individual needs as a couple. Many couples actually find the private sessions less confrontational than attending a workshop.

How long are the sessions, and how many sessions do you recommend, What is the cost?

The sessions are 1hour 45 minutes in length, and it entirely depends on the couple and why they are seeking the coaching as to how many sessions are recommended. The cost is $325.00 per session or $855 for 3 sessions. Some regional prices are available on application. Additional are sessions by application.

Do we have to be in a long term relationship to benefit from these sessions?

No, our practitioners see young couples who have only been together for a couple of weeks as well as couples who have been married for many years and are much older. Tantra benefits couples of any age group, and stage of relationship.

My partner and I have not practised Tantra, Yoga or meditation before, will these sessions still be of use to us?

Yes, the principles of LoveWorks Tantra are universal, you do not have to have studied any oriental arts to benefit from the sessions. Kerry and Diane’s work in bringing Tantra to Australia over the past 30 years, has enabled them to devise practises that are applicable and practical for the ‘contemporary modern couple’, their wealth of experience with talking with thousands of people about Tantra has enabled them to develop a program to teach Tantra to couples in an effective way that gets results and some remarkable outcomes – please read our testimonials.

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